Upravit stránku

Our customers are primarily the operators and investors of power sources.

The portfolio of the Group enables optimizing the final product for the customer and offer, in particular:

  • production of components according to the required or own design 
  • engineering connected with the execution of complex manufacturing supplies including namely development, design, assembly and installation, training, commissioning, etc.
  • management of turn-key projects (EPC supplies)
  • supplies of spare parts and service of equipment/systems throughout entire lifetime

The Group is particularly active in the following segments:     

  • nuclear power industry                            
  • conventional power industry                            
  • waste incineration plants                                
  • heating plants                                    
  • hydroelectric plants                                    
  • CCGT power plants                            
  • Oil&Gas                                                                                    

The Group has more than 400 own employees and other 250 external workers.